Wednesday, August 29, 2007

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A question very often asked is “What is Spirituality” ? What are its benefits? Why should I attempt to be spiritual?

This is quite a lengthy discussion in itself but today I want to shed some light on this very important word called “Spirituality” which has been very loosely used over the past decade or so….

The ability to clearly express each of your thought into words, actions or feelings such that every being who feels the need for a similar thought is drawn towards you in such a manner that from that moment on he/she can clearly read your thoughts and be convinced about your integrity as if the same thought first occurred in his/her own mind.

This happens because the barrier between the intellect and heart no longer exists in his/her mind. Your words and actions have done the seemingly impossible task of cutting through the layers of intelligence of the opposite person. He/she has developed this uncanny ability to now watch your thoughts as clearly as they can see your body….

When this happens you can be sure that you are building your spirit and you are on your way to ultimate glory…..

Spirituality is nothing but merging of the subtle with the gross. The highest thoughts in you have to perfectly align with your lowest actions and most simplest of words in you… This is what is called Spirituality in Earth Life…………and the greatest benefit of spirituality is it has the power to replace doubt with trust….

If you notice carefully the No 1 factor, which is responsible for the slow growth of any individual, is ‘Doubt’. We doubt our own abilities, our own thoughts our own actions. In doing so we also doubt the thoughts and actions of every other person whom we come in contact with… and so our individual progress and the progress as a group becomes sluggish….

The only thing, which can replace Doubt, is Trust….And the question then arises how do we build Trust?

And before we attempt to answer the question as to “How do we build trust, we have to define Doubt…

If I am interacting with someone I am able to see his/her body language but I cannot read his/her thoughts. This is what creates doubt in me… I cannot read his/her thoughts as clearly as I am able to see his/her body actions and so I attempt to stay away from most of the people because I am not clear of his/her intentions….

And this is where Spirituality becomes so very important…. If you build your spirit with the intention of making your thoughts as transparent as your actions and words you create an energy field within the universe where all those beings who feel the need for a similar thought are drawn towards you without any effort on your part…… They are able to read your thoughts as clearly as they are able to see your body…. There is total trust between the other person and you and in this situation both of you benefit because there is really nothing to hold you back…. And the best part of this whole thing is the person who came in contact with you has now experienced in first hand the power of spirituality and he/she seeks to carry and spread this marvelous power to every other being they come in contact with.. and the whole universe is benefited….

There is no other power which can bring about rapid changes within you and that of the world other than spirituality….. It is so powerful and we will discuss a lot of these things inside the very exclusive membership area as we move on…..

As of now would love to hear back from you…..

Lecturer, entrepreneur and Fortune 500 business consultant, Vish Writer is the author of the Amazon No 1 bestseller, "The Joy of Becoming God". Visit him at Spiritual Simplicity
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